This blog grew out of the culminating project I did for library school: a content analysis of  transgression in Mormon literary fiction published by small, independent presses. For the purposes of my study, protagonists in each title had to be adults who self-identified as Mormons, or, more officially, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. What I found was that these relatively transgressive titles–titles that would never be published by the Church-owned Deseret Books,were often ultimately faith promoting.

For each post, I’ve provided basic bibliographic information, a reasonably thorough annotation, and two categories that I’ve respectively labeled “Marginal” and “Mormonal.”  The “Marginal” designation is my attempt to pin down where these titles lie in terms of their “transgressiveness” when set against Church-sponsored, faith-promoting literature (often referred to as “Home Literature”–a term coined by apostle Orson F. Whitney in 1888).  The “Mormonal” category attempts to define how these titles sit comfortably within a faith- promoting publishing milieu.  Finally, teaser quotes that I consider somewhat quintessential from each text have been transcribed.  And I’ve added a category entitled My Two Cents which functions as my quasi mini-review.

Who am I? My name is Julie Turley. I’m a job-seeking librarian (MLS ’09, Queens College/CUNY) and a fiction writer (MFA ’93, Utah) who is currently working on two books of literary Mormon fiction. I hope to blog about them someday.  (The sunbonnet was procured, on Pioneer Day, from the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum in Provo.)


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  1. “Home Literature”–what a great descriptor! I love this project, Julie, and love that I have a personal librarian on call!

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